Honorable Guardians and Dear Students !

After 12th class, students select different paths. Many students get engaged in the preparation for medical and engineering. After 12th class, many students choose path of degree courses (B.Sc/B.A.). Mostly, it is seen that during three years of graduation, students have mentality that they will make preparation for competition exams. Due to this they pass the whole graduation degree in ordianary study. Many students study only in exam days. In free atmosphere of colleges, many students choose other paths leaving main path of career. Most students make preparation for competition after graduation degree, but they do not stay on any platform in the competition era.

Prince Defence Academy and Prince Degree College, Palwas, Sikar is such an institute, where the students goes on the path of degree + competition after 12th class. In the first year of college, he starts studing G.K., Reasoning, English, Maths, Physics subject etc. along with college study. Atmosphere of Academy is such that the student does not have any choice exept study. For from the rush and glare of city, this solitary and energetic atmosphere is proving milestone for disciplined career.

First of all in Rajasthan, Prince has started a new beginning for the students who are willing to go in defence services. After class 10th, preparation for NDA, Airforce, Navy etc along with schooling of 11th and 12th. For schooling, both options, CBSC (Prince Academy) and Rajasthan Board (Prince School), are available for the students of 11th – 12th NDA/Defence officer Entrance Exams, where students make preparation for board exams along with defence services. Oue foundation cource will prove a milestone for the students and guardians who decide to make career in defence services on secondary level.

In a few years of establishment, our hundreds of students are doing government jobs after being selected in Airforce, Navy, Police, Army, S.S.C. etc. I am glad that through Prince Defence Academy and Prince Degree College children from ordinary famalies are becoming a support for their family after getting government job in the age of 17-18. These students can join second service after being retired from first service in the age of around 35.

We expect that through this effort of Prince Edu. Hub many students will get government jobs in small age.

With best wishes for bright future of the students !

Jogendra Sunda

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